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A Great Thriller Book You Don't Want to Miss

The Intruder You Know is a great thriller book unlike anything you've ever read before. It's a stunning thriller that takes you on a ride that's been described as “wild,” “gripping,” and “filled with completely unexpected turns.” With each revelation, the reader is left wondering, “now what?”


Paige Childers is a devoted wife and mother whose life is picture-perfect on the surface. But Paige has a past that she’s desperate to leave behind. The past, however, has a curious way of clinging to us, refusing to loosen its grip when we yearn to break free, and Paige's past wasn't about to release her so easily. In a shocking twist, Paige’s life is shattered by a deadly intrusion that leaves the reader questioning everyone involved––including Paige. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you’re confronted with a mind-blowing conclusion.


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