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The Killing of Faith is William Holms’ debut novel. It won three prestigious national awards and every critic gave it a must read. He followed it up with three more books in the series: The Beginning of Hope, The Fall of Grace, and The Rise and Fall of Ryan.

His newest series includes, The Intruder You Know and Beneath The Still Waters.

best suspense thriller books
The Intruder You Know
Book 1 In The Intruder Series

Paige Childers, a young college student, spent most of her free

time hanging out with friends by a campfires along the Guadalupe river near San Marcos. She’s the kind of girl you love to hang out with. Some people call her a tomboy. She was finally able to leave her past behind, and that’s what she needed most––a chance to start all over again in a new town with new friends.

Married to a famous psychologist, with three children and a beautiful home, everything appears perfect. But, leaving your past behind is seldom clean and never easy. It only takes wrong decision can change your life…forever.

Beneath The Still Waters
Book 2 In The Intruder Series

Beneath the Still Waters continues the incredible story of Paige Childers. Haunted by that terrible night, Paige goes to New Orleans in search of her best friend and discovers a dark world that most people know nothing about. It’s a world filled with mystery and secrets, where danger lurks in the shadows. As Paige crosses the line between this world and the next, Paige comes to the shocking revelation that the intruder she fears the most may be the one inside her.

best suspense thriller books

The Killing of Faith

Book 1 In the Award-Winning Killing of Faith Series

The Killing of Faith tells the story of Faith Brunick, a mother of three children, caught in an unforgettable nightmare. Faith is a protagonist who is flawed, relatable, and utterly captivating. You'll find yourself hating Faith, then rooting for her, holding your breath as you turn each page.

As Faith fights to survive and unravel the mystery surrounding her dire situation, the reader is led on a journey of suspense, intrigue, and unexpected revelations that will keep you guessing until the very last page. Who can you trust? Just when you think you've figured it all out, there's another curveball, leaving you questioning everything you knew. "The Killing of Faith is a true masterpiece that will leave an indelible mark on your literary journey."
You'll be shocked when you realize what happened to Faith can happen to you.

The Beginning of Hope
Book 2 In the Award-Winning Killing of Faith Series

The Beginning of Hope continues the unforgettable story of Faith Brunick, a mother of three, trapped in a living nightmare. With no access to the outside world and no avenue of escape, her situation is hopeless. Faith is forgotten by everyone until Hope, her youngest daughter, sets out to find her mother. She will uncover the dark truths of love, family, betrayal, and the haunting question - Who can someone really trust? Her search for the truth will put her life in danger and may destroy the Brunick family forever.

How can anyone live with themselves after doing the unthinkable? How far would you go to keep your past a secret? In another page-turner, The Beginning of Hope will take you on an unforgettable ride full of twists and turns leading to a mind-blowing ending.

best suspense thriller books
The Fall of Grace - Book 3

Book 3 In the Award-Winning Killing of Faith Series

From Texas, to Thailand, to Montenegro, The Fall of Grace takes you on another twisting, turning, suspense-filled journey as it continues the unforgettable story of Ryan and Faith Brunick. With both their mother and their father gone, Hope and Grace must learn to live without them as Grace’s life unravels. Just when you think the nightmare is over, you find out it’s just beginning. If you liked the first two books in the series you’ll love The Fall of Grace.

best suspense thriller books
The Rise and Fall of Ryan - Book 4
Book 4 In the Award-Winning Killing of Faith Series

”The Rise & Fall of Ryan takes you back to the beginning of Ryan Brunick's life and that fateful day when he met his future wife, Faith. Ryan must come face-to-face with his past as he works to get Hannah out of prison for murder. Will Ryan be able to pull out another miracle or will he lose his first case. The series concludes with even more twists and turns and another unforgettable conclusion.

best suspense thriller books
Blockbuster Deal on the Whole
Killing of Faith Series

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