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What Actual Readers Are Saying

I honestly felt the need to check my pulse when I put this one down! I knew there was going to be a couple of twists, the reviews all said so, but hang on! This book truly had me speeding in several different directions and I'm still not quite sure which train station I crashed in. This is definitely a page turner that will be sticking with me for quite some time! –– Candice Hickman (Amazon).

"I've read a lot of kindle books on Amazon and this is one of the best books that I've read in a long time. I would highly recommend this one and I cannot wait for the next one from this author." — Jimmy Jones

Sometimes in a series of books there are ones that aren't as great as the others, but not in this series! I love and hate the Brunik family so much - and I'm going to miss them like crazy. This is one awesome book by a great writer.                                                          ––Deborah

I don’t normally like thrillers, but this one caught my eye. Well, let me tell you I’m hooked. Its so realistic in the area of I could see myself in her shoes. A lot is crammed in such a short read. All I can say is WOW. I’m definitely reading the next book as soon as it comes out. The suspense is killing me.    

                                      – Kayla Cantrell (Amazon)

]What William Holms does with a character is astounding. I honestly cried gut-wrenching tears. I have never read a more intricately-crafted story. Thank you Mr. Holms for bringing your incredible experiences into a story and making these beautiful, flawed and completely loveable people come alive.

                  – Elizabeth Sanguedolce (Amazon)

Only a skilled and talented attorney/storyteller with a very keen, almost scary imagination could weave this book series with it’s ingenious twists and highs/lows…WOW! I honestly found this book one of the best books I’ve ever read. MUST READ! You won’t regret it!                                  (Amazon Customer)

I read the first book in a day, I waited with baited breath for each book to come out after that. For being a new author these books did not dissapoint! They kept me at the edge of my seat, long past my bedtime and ripping through the page.                          (Amazon Customer)

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