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The Killing of Faith is the riveting suspense/thriller told by Faith, a mother of three children, caught in an unhappy marriage full of lies, deception and affairs. After swearing off love, she finally meets the man of her dreams. He seems perfect, wins her over, and makes her believe in love again. Just when her life starts looking up, Faith is plunged into a living nightmare beyond anything a person can imagine. Far from any chance of refuge or avenue of escape, all Faith can do is pray for a miracle before time runs out on her life and death horror story.

The Killing of Faith will leave you stunned when you realize what happened to Faith can happen to anyone.

"Fans of Gone Girl or Girl on a Train will be hooked on this engrossing thriller."

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""the gripping story effectively shows how damaging one apparently simple lie can be. A woman's dreadful, unpredictable love life proves riveting" —Kirkus Reviews."

“I enthusiastically recommend The Killing of Faith to readers who enjoy mysteries and psychological thrillers. A word of warning, though, it is quite dark; therefore, readers who struggle with depression might want to reconsider before getting this book.” —Online Book Club
If you are looking for a fresh suspense/thriller, you should look no further than “The Killing of Faith” by William Holms. This book will take you on a thrilling journey of the rise and fall of a woman.” ”The brilliant thing about the book is its growing suspense. And this suspense is a testament to the skills of William Holms. This tense anticipation is the main driving force that keeps you flipping page after page. The Killing of Faith” is a captivating read.” —Best Seller’s World
                                      A suspenseful, thrilling adventure unfolds in the gripping novel The Killing of Faith, written by William Holms.
The characterization of Faith is a brilliant depiction illustrating how the modern-day emphasis on certain goals can ruin lives. Faith became materialistic, as well as not feeling satisfied with the challenges of long-term relationships. As an adolescent, she learned to lie to her parents and this deception became a familiar way in how she dealt with life’s problems. Although she attended church, she did not live a faith-filled life or appreciate the blessings in her life. She focused on “not having enough.” The author skillfully crafted an engaging story from the first page to the last. Be warned – it is hard to put the book down, once started. There are a number of unexpected twists and turns which add to the compelling storyline. Author William Holms has penned an exciting novel in The Killing of Faith. A great read!
–Deborah Lloy – Readers Choice
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The Killing of Faith is William Holms' debut novel

An alumni of The University of Texas, where he received his undergraduate degree in business, and Baylor University, where he attended law school, William Holms is a veteran trial and divorce attorney with twenty-nine years of experience in both the legal field and the study of the human condition—which always comes into play in the practice of law. Inspired and sometimes unsettled by his observations surrounding cases, Holms channeled his background into his first novel, The Killing of Faith.  He is currently at work on his second follow up novel.