Hey friends and family:

I had the idea for The Killing of Faith over seven years ago. I spent a year writing the book and now it finally goes on sale on Amazon on Monday, Nov. 23rd! It is now listed for pre-order on Amazon at the following Amazon address (on Monday the price goes down.

Once a book goes on sale, Amazon has a program they use for a book to climb up and be promoted on their site. The first weeks and month are incredibly important.

For two weeks I am listing the book for the lowest price Amazon allows. It will be only $.99 for the e-book and approx $5.50 for the paperback (cost)! I want my friends to get the lowest price you will see.

Many people who came to mind when I thought of people to help make The Killing of Faith a #1 bestseller! I’ve already received an incredible first professional review. My book is now a five star Reader’s Choice. I will be sending it to you.


Amazon only considers confirmed reviews These are reviews from those who actually purchased the book. When the book goes on sale please go on Amazon and buy the book (or several copies) – even if only the $.99 e-book. It doesn’t mater to me how you buy becaue I’m making no money for two weeks.

After you purchase the book please leave a review within the two weeks. Your five stars and positive reviews are vital to The Killing of Faith’s success. People will start buying mostly becuase they read your review! If you’ve already read the book – great! Write a review right after you buy the book. You can leave a review even if you’ve finished only part of the book.

Also please copy the amazon link and share it on your social media – facebook, twitter instagram, etc. Let your friends know that you’ve read the book and loved it (hopefully) and it’s going on sale Monday. Tell them about the early pricing.

I hope you are excited at seeing how we can make The Killing of Faith a nationwide success. I thank you for your support.

Rick Holms

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