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Reviews & Accolades

The road a book must travel to be successful begins and ends with reviews.  Reviews can make or break a book. Below you can read the great reviews The Killing of Faith has received from professionals and other readers like you.

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“The gripping story effectively shows how damaging one apparently simple lie can be. A woman's dreadful, unpredictable love life proves riveting" —Kirkus Reviews



Faith is a mother who is down on her luck and done with love. She is a woman many readers can relate to. We've all read a tale that begins similar to this, but the distinctive trait for Faith's chronicle is the dark turn it takes. The Killing of Faith doesn't pull any punches. If you are looking for a twisted thriller similar to Gillian Flynn or Stieg Larsson then look no further. Holms creates a fascinating psychological thriller that you will not be able to put down.         —Reedsy Review



”The Killing of Faith by William Holms is truly different from any thrillers I’ve previously read.... just when we all think all is well, the author throws in another shocking twist that leaves everyone asking, “What just happened?” As we watch Faith’s misfortunes mount, the book becomes very informative, but if I were to tell you in what way, I’d spoil the story for you. In short, read it for yourself. You’ll love it. A terrific book and great writing. Highly recommended."                                                                —Reader’s Favorite Book Review


”If you are looking for a fresh suspense/thriller, you should look no further than “The Killing of Faith” by William Holms. This book will take you on a thrilling journey of the rise and fall of a woman. The brilliant thing about the book is its growing suspense. And this suspense is a testament to the skills of William Holms. This tense anticipation is the main driving force that keeps you flipping page after page. The Killing of Faith” is a captivating read.”                                                                                                                               —Best Seller’s World


“The author’s descriptive prose is easy to understand and keeps the reader intrigued with unexpected twists, especially a stunning one at the end. In enthusiastically recommend.”

                                                                                                         —Online Book Club



 “The author’s descriptive prose is easy to understand and keeps the reader intrigued with unexpected twists, especially a stunning one at the end. In enthusiastically recommend.” “The Killing of Faith by William Holms is a captivating novel told by the main character, Faith. All I can say is, wow! The Killing of Faith by William Holms is a powerful book filled with exceptional character development, an extremely detailed plotline and, when the final twist comes, the reader is left stunned in disbelief. This book is so well written, so well developed that I highly recommend everyone to pick up their copy of The Killing of Faith. You will not be disappointed. The reader will find themselves hanging on every word. Holms has created a riveting story filled with intrigue, love, unhappiness, and the true dysfunctionality of the world.”                                                                            —Reader’s Favorite Book Review




★★★★★ "If you love a book that grabs you from the beginning and doesn't let up, this is a must read. If you love a book that makes you go OMG throughout it, this is a must read. If you love a book that the ending completely turns everything you thought into a fantastic twist, this is a must read!!!" —Victor Stowe


★★★★★  "WOW. The more you read the better it gets. As a wife, I was becoming very upset with The wife of the story and her decisions. Just goes to show you that be careful what you wish for and to be grateful for what you have. This was an awesome story and I highly recommend." — PdhForever


★★★★★  "The chapters are quick and easy to fly through as you are continually pulled to find out what her next misstep will be that leads to her ultimate misery described at the onset. There is a constant struggle of who to trust and that feeling of "things are going way too well" that you know something is about to go terribly wrong. Just when you think the ending couldn't be more predictable, there's a shocking Gone Girl-level twist. It's not a feel good story, however I like that it leaves you feeling extremely thankful for all the simple things you might take for granted in your life. I'm hoping for a sequel!" — Annalee


★★★★★  "This was a great book about love, lust, betrayal and revenge. The twist at the end is impossible to see coming and will shock you!"  — Luke Williams


★★★★★ "I've read a lot of kindle books on Amazon and this is one of the best books that I've read in a long time. I would highly recommend this one and I cannot wait for the next one from this author." — Jimmy Jones


★★★★★. "So...I received my copy of the book "The killing of faith" and started reading it at about 8pm. It started flowing and I didn't want to stop. I had to know where it was going. I couldn't.... (and you won't) foresee what's going to happen. I read all night and finished at 7:30am. So..was it good? It was as good or better than any suspense book or movie that I have ever seen. This is Alfread Hitchcock. it was not good..... It was great."  — Dean.

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