About The Author

The Killing of Faith is William Holms' debut novel.

William Holms grew up in Hitchcock, Texas – a small town south of Houston.  He attended The University of Texas, where he received his undergraduate degree in business, and Baylor University, where he attended law school.

William Holms is a veteran trial and divorce attorney with twenty-nine years experience in both the legal field and the study of the human condition—which always comes into play in the practice of law. Inspired and sometimes unsettled by his observations surrounding cases, Holms channeled his background into his first novel, The Killing of Faith.

He is currently at work on his second follow up novel.



I want to personally thank you for reading my first novel, The Killing of Faith. I came up with the idea for the book about seven years ago but I was too busy with my family and law practice to actually sit down and write it. I spent a year in Europe and finally sat own to write. Putting your ideas into book form was more challenging than I thought it would be.  When I was done, I sent my book to family, friends, and professional beta readers and editors. I wasn’t sure how it would be received. The response was so encouraging.


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